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Good day!

As a medical anthropologist, my main focus for many years was on people and how they cope with health issues. At the same time, when I had the privilege to travel for work, I would also photograph animals – either by visiting local zoos or taking photos of the birds and other wildlife where I was staying. I showed those photos to family and friends, but that was as far as it went.

Over the past years, my interest in wildlife has grown tremendously, however. Having a yard, after living in apartments for decades, has given me the chance to observe how different animals and birds behave. My main interest for quite some time was the white-tailed deer, which came about after a beautiful white-tailed doe, who I named Schatje (Dutch for “dear”), befriended me and began bringing her family to visit daily.

After I joined Project Noah and the local Audubon Society, I began paying much more attention to other animals and birds. I have found  other people who are as passionate about wildlife, nature and the environment as I am, which has been a delight. Through this blog, I’d like to share with you some of the things I’ve learned and seen.

You can see more photos here: http://www.mariadebruynphotography.com/#

Your comments are welcome! Have a great day!

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