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Good day!

As a medical anthropologist, my main focus for many years was on people and how they cope with health issues. At the same time, when I had the privilege to travel for work, I would also photograph wildlife in my free time – either by visiting local zoos, taking photos of the birds and other wildlife where I was staying or going to nearby nature reserves. I showed those photos to family and friends, but that was as far as it went.

Over the past seven years, my interest in wildlife and natural preservation and conservation has grown tremendously. Having a yard, after living in apartments for decades, has given me the chance to observe how different animals and birds behave. My main interest for quite some time was the white-tailed deer, which came about after a beautiful white-tailed doe, whom I named Schatje (Dutch for “dear”), befriended me and began bringing her family to visit daily.

After I joined Project Noah and the local Audubon Society and Chapel Hill Bird Club, I began paying much more attention to other animals and birds. I have found other people who are as passionate about wildlife, nature and the environment as I am, which has been a delight. And I’ve been able to share my interests with children in lower-income groups and have organized birding-by-ear nature walks for low-vision and blind adults.

It has been my good fortune to have my photography displayed through both solo and group exhibitions. One exhibitor, the Chapel Hill Public Library, produced a video that tells a bit about what I hope to achieve in this way.

If you would like to contact me — to give a presentation, to participate in an exhibition or to purchase a photo or photo products like cards and magnets, please write to me at: mdebruynphotography@yahoo.com

Your comments are welcome! Have a great day!

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