Baby bird quiz!

Springtime is always fun when you are lucky enough to be able to watch avian parents raise a brood successfully to fledgling status. My previous two blogs about watching brown-headed nuthatches and Carolina chickadees conscientiously keep their hatchlings well-fed was going to be followed by some new observations on bird parents – either the Carolina wrens or a tufted titmouse, who had laid eggs in two of my bluebird boxes.

Titmouse nest IMG_7210©Maria de BruynThe wrens are very circumspect about feeding when I am in the vicinity but I had seen the titmouse coming and going to the nest. When I looked in one day, I saw that one egg had hatched and three others were still there. Then, I went away for the Memorial Day weekend and returned home to find the nest had been pulled from the box and the fledgling and eggs were gone. (A loose piece of the roof had been removed; there were squirrel and raccoon baffles on the pole; I surmise a squirrel dropped down from a branch overhead.) So there likely won’t be a blog on those species.

But I thought you might like to try your identification skills on the baby and juvenile birds in this blog. Some are fairly easy and others not so much. I will number the photos and hope that you will make guesses in the comments section of the blog. Then I will post the answers in a comment when I publish my next blog, so check back to see how you did. Good luck!

cardinal baby 3 MdBNo. 1Baby mockingbird IMG_4799 ©Maria de BruynNo. 2

Baby American robin IMG_9188sNo. 3Baby Gray catbird IMG_4654©Maria de BruynNo. 4

Baby thrasher baby©Maria de BruynNo. 5Baby chipping sparrow 8 MdB signed No. 6Baby Eastern towhee IMG_9845 ©Maria de BruynNo. 7   baby cardinal 21  MdB No. 8

Baby Gray catbird ©Maria de BruynNo. 9  Eastern Bluebird juvenile IMG_5187© Maria de BruynNo. 10

Baby Canada goose MG_0573©Maria de Bruyn No. 11




6 thoughts on “Baby bird quiz!

  1. 1 Northern cardinal
    2 Northern mockingbird
    3 American robin
    4 Gray catbird
    5 Brown thrasher
    6 Chipping sparrow
    7 Eastern towhee
    8 American robin
    9 Gray catbird
    10 Eastern bluebird
    11 Canada goose


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