Casey Crow adopts a home

American crow IMG_3544©Maria de BruynresIn years past, I have had the occasional American crow (Corvus brachyrhynchos) visit my yard. For example, this past spring when it was snowing, a few came to eat fruit but they never really hung around – except for one that flew in with a half-eaten squirrel (or rabbit) that it was reluctant to leave behind.American crow IMG_9437© Maria de Bruyn res


Now, however, it seems that the one of these fine-feathered friends has decided to adopt my residence as a temporary home – or at least as a spot for some occasional R & R.

american crow IMG_3459©Maria de Bruyn res

Since I don’t know if this crow is female or male, I’ve named “it” Casey, a nice gender-neutral name. Casey is quite large and has grown bolder as time progresses. At first, Casey would alight on a branch and observe for quite a while before venturing toward a feeder; if I appeared, Casey would leave.

american crow IMG_3466©Maria de Bruynres

Now Casey flies in to perch on the roof, a nearby tree or a feeder not far from the back door, balancing as well as possible. S/he often announces his/her arrival with a few loud caws and sometimes what seems to be irritation when grackles decide to carry out a little harassment.

American crow IMG_8668©Maria de Bruyn resOne of my old plastic seed feeders broke, leaving only a bit of skeletal structure. Rather than toss it out, however, I’ve recycled it to become a grape jelly holder. No orioles have visited but it appears that grape jelly has become quite the treat for Casey, who balances in odd and sometimes contorted ways to be able to snag some.

Casey is much too large to balance at other feeders but has obviously been searching for some additional food. A short while ago, I learned that Casey can be quite fond of apples.

american crow IMG_3425©Maria de Bruynresamerican crow IMG_3421©Maria de Bruyn res

Casey is quite the handsome bird and sometimes seems to be posing for portraits. I assume that it is the same crow that is visiting from day to day, but haven’t been able to figure out any real distinguishing marks yet to be sure. No other crows appear willing to remain near feeders if I go outside, though, so I guess it is always Casey who remains.

american crow IMG_3456©Maria de Bruyn res

I enjoy Casey’s visits but am glad now that the robin pair decided not to re-use their nest on the downspout from last year. Though there wasn’t much room for Casey to perch, I did see her/him fly to that nest and examine it, obviously investigating if there were some nestlings there to serve as a meal. I was quite happy there weren’t any in residence!

I don’t know how much longer Casey will be a regular visitor but it will be interesting to learn more about his/her likes and dislikes as time goes by!


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